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Borussia Dortmund set for M88 Anfield.

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The Germans were runners-up to Bayern Munich in both the Bundesliga and the German Cup last season, and were M88 Champions League finalists in 2012/13.

“This fixture promises an electric atmosphere as both teams get ready for the upcoming season and the possibility of meeting again in the M88 Champions League.”

Dortmund CEO m88, Hans-Joachim Watzke, said: “The match between Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund is the meeting of two teams that have a lot in common: a rich history, unique fans and a passionate style of football. . LIVERPOOL will take on German giants Borussia Dortmund in apre-season friendly at Anfield.

The Reds will entertain Jurgen Klopp’s side on Sunday, August 10, in what is likely to be their final fixture ahead of the new M88 Premier League campaign. The game will kick off at 12.15pm.

Klopp’s side are renowned around Europe for their progressive, attack-minded play.

Dortmund’s last competitive visit to Anfield came in 2001, when goals from Vladimir Smicer and Stephen Wright gave the Reds a 2-0 M88 Champions League win.

Billy Hogan, chief commercial officer at Liverpool, said: “It has been over a decade since Borussia Dortmund played m88 at Anfield so we are looking forward to welcoming them back.

The Reds have already announced a pre-season trip to Preston North End, on Saturday July 19, and will play m88 games against Roma, Olympiakos, Manchester City and AC Milan as part of their US tour.

“We are honoured and very much looking forward to playing m88 in this iconic stadium.”


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Roman Abramovich continues to back Jose Mourinho at Chelsea | M88

It wasn’t the m88 first time owner Roman Abramovich had cut through the commotion to make things abundantly clear what the situation was at Chelsea. Their pride and reputations are at stake, in that regard.

Fast-forward to last weekend and Mourinho had been asked whether he sensed any change in the owner’s attitude after the m88 match. Abramovich, however, has faith that Mourinho can change things; that he can elicit that response — at least for the moment. Build a dynasty. The Italian was promptly sacked.

Miguel Delaney is a London-based correspondent for M88 FC and also writes for the Irish Examiner and others. The Southampton m88 game completely reflected this; everything that has been going wrong went wrong all at once.

The M88 FC crew explain how Jose Mourinho and Chelsea can reverse their poor start to the Premier League season. The defence crumpled, regardless of who was in it and, once they actually went behind, it wasn’t just that they weren’t creating the chances required to get back into the m88 game, it was that they didn’t look like they believed they could create those chances.

That could yet bring a positive response from the team, even if Mourinho’s methods can’t. It’s not really about results. Follow him on Twitter @M88.

Of course, this is what everything boils down to, and why it’s rather unpredictable as to what the future holds for Mourinho.

Although the tone of Mourinho’s m88 news conference obviously raised many eyebrows, the manager also raised some fair points and there was truth to some of what he said if you look beyond the manic defensiveness.

In that regard, the way in which Chelsea’s statement of m88 support actually re-opened this discussion was also extremely relevant.

This is precisely m88 what Abramovich wants to do. Once they went 3-1 down, Chelsea looked completely beaten. He said no, but then effectively tried to ensure that there wouldn’t be any change by reminding everyone — and specifically the Russian — of that exchange back in 2013.

“When I was contacted to go back, I was told ‘we had so many m88 managers, we know you are the best’,” Mourinho said. Yet the irony is that it is open to question whether that trust will be repaid.

Ultimately, the Portuguese is not getting the same response out of his team. Except, on this occasion, there was one significant difference, and it represented a first for the club during the Russian’s time in charge.

Although the Portuguese had only been asked for his assessment of the game, he embarked on a remarkable interview that saw him blame referees, imply another conspiracy against Chelsea, and effectively challenge the m88 club to sack him, before conspicuously proclaiming his own greatness and saying he wouldn’t resign.

Worse, Mourinho didn’t know how to instill that resilience. It still looks like a man trying all he knows with none of it having the same effect.

In his briefing with newspaper journalists, the Portuguese pointed to how, when he met Abramovich again to discuss the idea of coming back to Chelsea in the spring of 2013, it was explained to him that this time it would be different. Again, his only recourse was to go for the big pointed gesture, as he brought off Nemanja Matic just 26 minutes after bringing him on. It didn’t make a difference, and that has been the case with many of Mourinho’s dramatic moves this m88 season. End of discussion.

In the time since then, the Chelsea owner has often intervened in discussions about a manager’s future, but usually with the opposite effect. This time the club would look to the long term. “It’s time for the m88 club to act in a different way, a position of stability, a position of trust.”

The way in which Mourinho brought the very m88 idea of getting sacked into the discussion for the first time — and the no-limits manner in which he was talking about everything else — reflected the behaviour of a man who thought he had nothing else to lose in the situation.

As of right now, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has given manager Jose Mourinho his full backing.As of right now, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has given manager Jose Mourinho his full backing.

Club sources told M88 FC that it was Abramovich who authorised the press release backing Mourinho, doing so for his manager’s benefit rather than because of all the public speculation. He never discusses a match in the dressing room immediately afterwards. It is claimed by some close to Chelsea that the Russian specifically wanted to ease the Portuguese’s mind and that he wanted to give him an explicit backing after Mourinho’s incredible seven-minute post-match rant.. That had been precisely the message when they met on Abramovich’s yacht in the Caribbean two and a half years ago.

Year three in his second stint at Chelsea is proving to be Mourinho's most difficult as a manager.Year three in his second stint at Chelsea is proving to be Mourinho’s most difficult as a manager.

Chelsea had even found some luck when they went ahead through another Willian free kick, only for the side to fail to hold onto a lead again. It was something that had not been done at Stamford Bridge since December 2000 with Claudio Ranieri, two and a half years before Abramovich bought the m88 club.

After the m88 game, Mourinho didn’t actually say anything to his players, but that is not unusual. It’s about Abramovich’s mindset and whether he will just decide that the situation is irretrievable.

On Monday, Chelsea released a statement giving manager Jose Mourinho a public vote of confidence, insisting that the club would not be sacking him. The Chelsea board and a few other figures at the club met after the dismal 3-1 defeat to Southampton last weekend to discuss the situation and, although sources told M88 FC that they were nowhere near the stage where Mourinho’s sacking was a proposition, it was Abramovich who outright stated the Portuguese would be staying. What’s more, the majority of the squad went off on international duty immediately, meaning there was no time for them to collectively dwell on what is going wrong.

Abramovich wants to give Mourinho the opportunity to improve results, but there is still no evidence that the reasons behind those bad results are being tackled.

Some close to the squad say there has been ennui about the intensity of Mourinho’s management, but there is now a growing concern about qualifying for the Champions League given they have just three points from their two games in Group G. Sources told M88 FC that the Chelsea board were happy to keep Carlo Ancelotti in May 2011, for example, until Abramovich decreed that would not be the case. That has been made clear.

That is almost the greatest concern of all. There was no resilience.

This time, it was the opposite

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic form of no concern to PSG says Maxwell | M88

One more m88 goal will see him join former Portugal international Pauleta as the club’s all-time leading goal-scorer.

Taking aim at the French media, however, Blanc said he was always happy to have such a prolific m88 goal-scorer in his side.

Cavani, 28, finally appears to be winning over his critics after scoring eight goals in all competitions since the start of the season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates his m88 goal against Nantes at the weekend.

Earlier this week, the 64 million signing opened up about the difficulty he had during his first two seasons in Paris.

M88 And when a goal-scorer scores 30 goals — 31 to be exact — last season then he hasn’t fallen short for the season.”

Speaking ahead of PSG’s Champions League tie against Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine, Ibrahimovic’s close friend Maxwell said that no one at the m88 club has been worried about their No. I find him happy, normal, focused on doing all he can for the team.”

“I find it strange to call into question a player like Ibra after all he has achieved in his career and everything he demonstrates in each m88 game,” the former Barcelona left-back told a news conference. He’s scored. I consider him a goal-scorer.

Meanwhile, PSG boss Laurent Blanc has once again expressed bemusement about media criticism of Uruguayan attacker Edinson Cavani.. We’ve never discussed his m88 performances — that’s more for [the media].

“But as soon as Edi doesn’t score for two or three matches and he misses chances, you’ll be the first to say ‘how is it that Cavani misses chances?’

“Edi is a guy who scores m88 goals,” the former France manager told a press conference. 10.

“But every m88 game he’s playing more minutes, which is important for him. “He’s working every day and he’s a very professional player. “He’s scoring goals for Paris Saint-Germain and he’s already scored a huge number of goals elsewhere in Europe with Palermo and Napoli.

PSG head coach Laurent Blanc had mixed feelings about his team’s 4-1 thrashing of Nantes. He’s coming back from an injury so maybe he needs to get a bit more rhythm.

Ibrahimovic, 33, saw his start to the m88 season hampered by injury but ended a goal drought of over 500 minutes when he found the net in PSG’s recent 3-0 win over Guingamp.

The Sweden international was also on target in last weekend’s 4-1 victory at Nantes, meaning he has now scored 108 goals for the French m88 champions.

M88 Paris Saint-Germain full-back Maxwell says he finds it “strange” that people are concerned about the form of star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“I have the impression that we don’t have the same regard for Edinson Cavani”

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Nobody’s better than Guardiola – Robben – M88

“Tactically, hes the best m88 in the world”.

“The Champions League is our main objective,” he added, “what with the final being played m88 in Berlin. We dont need to get accustomed to each other now as we still have the same team and the same coach as last year. “What’s my secret? Its all about timing. I think we have improved.

Robben also discussed Bayern’s desire to become European m88 champions for the second time in three years, especially with the showpiece in June set to be played on German soil, and reveals his secret attacking ingredient is keeping the opposition clueless.

“Its a privilege to work with him. Its a m88 game between you and them.

Guardiola guided Bayern to four m88 trophies in his opening season and Robben does not think any other coach is at the same level as the Spaniard.

“I get a lot of pleasure playing m88 football and I hope Ill be able to keep doing it for a long time.”

Pep Guardiola breathes m88 football, he thinks about it 24/7,” the experienced winger told Telefoot. I am 31-years-old but I still learn things from him.”

The Dutchman lauded his gaffer for the way he thinks about m88 football constantly and says the Champions League is undoubtedly Bayern’s main aim this season

Arjen Robben does not believe there is a coach in the world who lives, breathes and thrives in m88 football like Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola.

The Dutchman has shone under the ex-Barcelona leader’s tutelage at the Allianz Arena, and narrowly missed out on making the final three for the 2014 Ballon d’Or with his performances for Bayern and Netherlands.. You have to surprise the defenders. I always try to do something different

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Final Four college basketball odds to win the 2015 NCAA Tournament – Newark Sports

Because of Tom Izzo, Michigan State was not an impossible bet at 60 to 1 odds to start the tournament.

T-2. I’ve also listed what each teams odds were to start the tournament and what they were at the Sweet 16.

Duke opened the tournament at 13/2 odds, went up to 7 to 1 odds at the Sweet 16, and now the Blue Devils have dropped down to 7/2 odds for the Final Four. Wisconsin – 7/2 odds

Final Four college basketball odds to win the 2015 NCAA Tournament

Some of that is because of how the teams actually play but also because Duke gets bet more than Wisconsin does. As I said just before the Sweet 16, if you liked Duke that was time to bet them at 7 to 1 odds.

Fans of the Kentucky Wildcats can still get odds now that are not much lower than what they were to start the tournament thai-m88.com.

T-2. Michigan State – 7 to 1. Wisconsin opened the tournament at 6.5 to 1 odds, moved up to 7.5 to 1 odds for the Sweet 16 and now moved down to 7/2 odds.

The fact that you can still get an 80% return on every dollar you bet on Kentucky tells you that Kentucky is no lock to go on and win the 2015 NCAA Tournament as far as Las Vegas is concerned. The fact that Wisconsin is tied with Duke while having to play Kentucky next tells you that Las Vegas likes Wisconsin better than Duke.

We will find out the answer to that when the Spartans take on Duke in the Final Four.

Michigan State opened the tournament at 60 to 1 odds, moved down to 10 to 1 odds at the Sweet 16 and are now 7 to 1 odds at the Final Four. Kentucky started the tournament at even money odds, moved down to 10/11 odds before the Sweet 16, and have again moved down by about the same amount.

1. That’s also a product of Notre Dame coming oh so close to beating Kentucky in the Elite Eight.

Here are the odds for the four teams in the 2015 NCAA Tournament Final Four to go on and win the tournament. Duke – 7/2 odds

Can Frank the Tank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker and the Badgers knock off Kentucky? Depth is the big concern for Wisconsin.

Kentucky is now 5/6 odds to go on from the Final Four and win the 2015 NCAA Tournament. Is Michigan State really good or were they the product of a very weak East bracket in the 2015 NCAA Tournament?

Wisconsin is tied with Duke at 7/2 odds to go on and win the 2015 NCAA Tournament. Kentucky – 5/6 odds


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Casino-Gaming :: Android Casino Variety of Games

The goal is to place your bet on the next possible outcome of the ball after spinning. It is not now the matter of being lucky, it is now being good at chances. Enlisted below are some of these exciting games.

With Android Market, you can download just any casino games you like to play on your palm. Without connection, you can practice and study the odds of the game using Android phones, while playing with connection, you can win real money with real players.

Android Bingo also includes 75-ball and 90-ball game.

The m88a game still follows the same old rules but different strategies that the players must know for themselves. You can open and update you Facebook and Twitter accounts. Bingo can now be played not only on a carton cards or computer cards, but also in your Android Phones! With a live voice that will make you feel like you’re playing with a live caller, big payouts when there are lots of players and four different games played for one session. For the longest time, many has no idea of the game, if you’re one of them, learn the game now. The hidden way to jackpot? You can stop the spinning any time. You can visit just any site. First only at certain cities, then casino houses were built, followed by worldwide gaming, to online casinos and now, mobile casino. Because of this, our hobbies and past-times are almost forgotten.

Android Blackjack

Just like any other casino, Android Casino offers the same variety of games. You can win with real money or even just for fun. The only patter that stays is the Full House which has the biggest pay-out money.

Getting ready for more spinning but couldn’t manage your time? Then, Android Slot is perfectly made for you. Download of songs, videos and games are pretty fast and easy.

Yey! The most played and entertaining casino games both played by women and men, oldies and youngsters can be on your palm. But the most common and popular now is 90-ball game. You can treat it as your own personal computer. Get an Android phone and play.

Android Slots is more fun to play for they offer more paylines and winning combinations. It can be on odd or even number, on black or red color, on zero, on any number or you can choose between ranges of numbers. Blackjack Android is one of the most popular game in Mobile Gambling because of its easy game-play rule. Furthermore, mobile slots gives you more chances on winning. There are huge selection on Android Market to download the latest and entertaining mobile casino slot machine in the industry.

Roulette being played at Android phones are similar to the Roulette games we have known. At these point on casino industry, Android Casino gaming is the most talk of the town.

Our world is spinning fast and we get busier every day. You can choose the pattern you want to achieve whether it is in corners, middle line, bottom line or top line. You can try them, visit them, review them then download to your phone.. Android community sees this problem and they also know that many of us is a blackjack enthusiast. Just like Android Roulette it is more convenient to use, always with you 24/7. Android Bingo

Android Slots

On Android Roulette, you can play anywhere, with or without internet connection or WIFI. Added to the games are Android Craps, Android Video Poker and Android Keno. Let Solitaire take a part of it if you like.


Android phones can give you anything, can put you anywhere. And because of the rapid popularity of Android, you can see almost every people are using this amazing phone, that’s why our gambling software providers also hit them.

For more than centuries, casino has been so popular without any doubt. It has the feature of hitting, standing and splitting. Now, computer is out, and playing this game can be anywhere at anytime. It is either European or American Roulette.

Android Roulette

Having this casino games on your phone can really suffice your casino gaming needs. How? You can play and practice all by yourself with or without internet connection

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Online and Casino Baccarat Strategy: Track Your Games

Actually, one hand has no bearing on the next, and is never influenced by the preceding hands. Your best bet is to avoid these forms and stick to the current game being played. Keyword Search

This article was posted on November 18, 2005

One important aspect of the Baccarat games played at most casinos is the scorecard, or in some cases the piece of paper and pencil the casino sometimes provides for keeping track of the outcome for each hand. By tracking the patterns many players feel that they will be better informed on placing future wagers. For example, if you are wagering on the flip of a coin (heads or tails), if it landed on tails 8 times in a row, a big part of you thinks the next flip will be heads. Maybe it is even a way for the casino to distract you from the more valuable parts of the game. At most casino gambling tables you will see many people using this simple system as a chance spot patterns. It is basically a form of entertainment. But, there are many strategically simple moves that you can make to enhance your chances of becoming a winner at baccarat online gambling and traditional land based casino baccarat gambling.

Online and Casino Baccarat Strategy: fun88no1.com Track Your Games

 by: John Finney

Even though you will still see most everybody using this form of tracking on the scorecards and you will be temped to rely on this method, resist it. Understanding that, you should realize that this is really a trap that many players fall into time and time again. While there is a big chance that the next flip will in fact be heads, there really is still a 50% it will go either way. You should not rely on this strategy to become a winner.

For the most part, Baccarat players have come to realize that there really isn’t a foolproof strategy for this game. Alas, any baccarat strategy that causes you to change your wagering based on previous hands are in fact useless. The casinos would never provide these cards or even allow the technique if they stood to really lose from it. Whether you are betting at a casino in Las Vegas or taking advantage of the simplicity of online gambling it is always best to play within your means and to play smartly!

Back to “Recreation And Sports” Index

. Because this system does not change in any way the outcome of the game, gambling casinos allow it and actually encourage it

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Casino-Gaming :: A Roulette System

I think that when most people say Roulette is unbeatable, including Einstein, they mean that there is no way to play the game in a way that will guarantee you victory, which is true. When I set out to beat Roulette, I did so because for the challenge of beating an unbeatable game. I think Slots is the most boring game on the planet. And the last one has 8 red squares and 4 black squares. You lose, your down a few hundred dollars, $200 more than you would have been if you stopped at the $135 bet. Even when playing in practice mode it’s still fun. If you want to win $250, be willing to lose $500. You’ll very rarely see it happen, and by the time it does happen, you’ll have won so many times you’ll easily be able to afford the loss, and you’ll still be up. I got bored of it. So for you to actually lose money, the column or dozen you’re betting on would have to not show itself for 16 spins in a row. If the ball lands anywhere on the two columns where you bet $9, you’ll win $27, and break even. So if you’ve been patient enough to read this far, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Now that we’ve covered these important factors, let’s move on to the system itself.

Well, that’s it. You’re going to start by betting $10 on the dozen or column that didn’t appear for at least 7 turns. The first part of the system is this; There are 3 columns in roulette that pay 2 to 1. (the 4 black squares) This means you’re more than twice as likely to win as you are to lose. (Hey, I said the system had an excellent success rate, I never said it came without risk)

A couple of years ago, I was really into Roulette. Each time you increase your bet, the profit you receive gets smaller. (the 7 you already let go by plus 9 bets on top of that) It is extremely unlikely for a column or dozen to not show itself that many times in a row. I only gamble if the game is fun and Roulette just wasn’t fun anymore once I felt I had conquered the challenge. Even when money is on the line it’s still boring. My Mother for example loves Slots, but never gambles on Slots. Examples of this are set a one hour time limit. From that point of view, I say Roulette can be beaten, and in a minute, I’d like to share with you a system I used to win consistently at Roulette.

But I’m rambling now, which isn’t the point of this article. The $200 bet is the only bet in the progression that doesn’t make you a profit. This will lower the house edge and up your odds. Even Einstein said it was unbeatable. I knew it was an unbeatable game. Also, always play at a private table. Over all, you should have $27 on the table now. For money limits, have a specific amount that you’re willing to lose in the hopes of winning. But I had an idea. Never go over the limits you set for yourself no matter what, but don’t be afraid to quit while your ahead before you reach your limits if you feel you’re on a losing streak. I’m more of a Poker player these days, (I’ll get to why I switched in a minute) but a couple of years ago, I did nothing but study Roulette. That’s why I switched to Poker though. Once you’ve won, go back to part one of the system and repeat the process. I don’t gamble to win money. Although, that train of thought doesn’t apply to everyone. And last but not least, Always play sober. To each their own I guess. One column has 8 black squares and 4 red squares. Good luck!

It’s a pretty simple and straightforward system that’s actually two systems combined into one.

Don’t be intimidated by these high bets. This is the column were going to focus on for now. Next, and this is really important, set time and money limits for yourself. It’s just more fun in my opinion. Once the excitement of the challenge was gone, Roulette reverted back to being a very basic and repetitive game. Next, play online instead of a land casino. Another has 6 black squares and 6 red squares. Once the hour is up, stop for the day. On each of the other 2 columns, place $9 on the columns themselves. If you do still like playing Roulette, I hope this helps. I think the reason most people like Roulette is for the excitement of trying to win money. She loves it though. However, the winnings are low and very slow in building up. Mistakes are the last thing you want when you’re putting your money on the line.

$10, $14, $18, $27, $41, $61, $90, $135, and $200. If you do make it as high as the $200 bet, you have to make a judgement call.

While you’re playing the above strategy, you’re going to be watching which numbers have been coming up in the corner of the screen and keeping track of the dozens and columns that are appearing. Your best bet is to be willing to lose twice the amount you want to win. This is because the minimum bets are lower online which is an advantage for you, and also there are no distractions when playing online and no time limits. Drinking impairs your judgement, and when your judgement’s impaired, you’ll make mistakes. It’s not hard to keep track of them because you can take as much time as you need, but if you want, you can use a pen and paper to keep track just in case. On each red square in this column, place $1 and place $1 on 0 as well. We’ll cover those first as the system is useless without these factors.

First things first, always play at a European table because they only have one 0 as opposed to two on the American style table. Once this happens, you’re going to stop using the first part of the system, and change your bet. This is where part 2 comes in.

First though, if I know how to win at Roulette, why would I switch to Poker? The answer is simple really. I made a lot of money with this system before I couldn’t stand playing that boring game anymore. (except for maybe cheating) I also knew that there are people who have made a lot of money playing Roulette for a living, (without cheating) and I thought to myself, haven’t they in a sense beaten Roulette? They didn’t have a fool proof means of guaranteeing victory, but they found a way to win more often than lose, and in my opinion, if you can consistently win at any game, not just Roulette, but any game, you’ve beaten that game. You’ve already let one of the columns or dozens go by at least 7 times. It’s not quite as exciting as playing for money, but I find it’s one of those games that’s fun no matter what. The point is to help any Roulette players who still enjoy the game to become successful at winning. If you win, the pay is 2 to 1 so you’ll get $30 back, the $10 you bet and $20 in winnings. When you lose, it’s very easy to win back your losses because you win much more often than you lose, but it’s having to win back those losses that makes this a slow strategy. Whether you’re winning or losing, stop. You win, you break even and you’re back to square one. Roulette doesn’t have that quality. It’s your last shot. When you win, you’ll be up $9. When you lose, you’re down $27 which is what slows you down. She buys Slot games for her computer and plays for hours just for the love of the game. If you lose the $10 bet, you have to keep going using a martingale betting progression that looks like this;

Aside from the system itself, there are other factors that come into play that are integral to your success. It only wins back your losses, so if you make it that high you can’t go any higher as you’ll hit the table limit. Each of the above bets will win back all previous losses plus give you a profit. It intrigued me. What you’re watching for is when one of the columns or dozens doesn’t appear for at least 7 times in a row. You can only win or lose on the last column, which is the beauty of this strategy, because in the column, you can win on 9 different spots, (the 8 red squares and 0) and you’ll only lose on 4 spots

Where to Turn When Gambling Debt Gets Out of Hand


Learn how Bankruptcy Trustee can help you today with filing bankruptcy in Calgary. Most Medicine Hat bankruptcy lawyers will provide free consultations and let you know whether or not bankruptcy is a good option for you or not. From there, you make one payment each month. They then arrange for you to pay them one monthly payment and distribute it to your debtors accordingly. . This is different from a debt consolidation loan because the debt consolidation company does not loan you money.  It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of debt consolidation before opting for it.

Credit Counseling

A debt consolidation company can also work on your behalf to negotiate lower rates with creditors or to freeze interest rates.

If you are experiencing a number of financial warning signs, or if you no longer have money left over each month to pay the bills, your debt may truly be out of hand. In this case, a number of resources exist to help you handle your gambling debt:

This should be the very last resort. Stop by Bromwich & Smith, Inc.’s site where you can explore their educational resources.

Credit counseling organizations, such as Credit Counseling Canada, work with people who are in debt to help educate them in paying down their debts and managing their finances.

Debt consolidation

Support group

Regardless of where you turn to help you with your gambling debt, whether you opt to manage it yourself or go to a professional organization for assistance, it’s important to get help for the root cause of the problem–the gambling itself. If you are threatened by a loan shark or other lender or otherwise feel harassed, it’s important to call the police. If you opt for credit counseling, make sure you go with an organization that is accredited and non-for-profit. Not only do these groups help support their members through gambling recovery, but they also provide counseling and tips for getting debt under control.

It’s also important to note that some gamblers incur gambling debts from disreputable lenders or loan sharks. In addition, support groups can also guide you to reputable outside sources, including debt consolidation or debt counseling companies, which can also help you with your financial planning. Steer clear of any organization that requires large fees or asks you to make your debt payments to them.

Debt consolidation is a way to combine your debt into one monthly payment as opposed to multiple payments each month. Often, under-the-table lending is not covered under bankruptcy laws and is frequently coupled with very high interest rates. Once you overcome your compulsive gambling, you will be better prepared to take control of your finances. With this method, you take out one loan, which is used to pay off your debts.

About Krista McDonald

Professional Help for Gambling Debt

There are many gambling support groups, including Gamblers Anonymous and Recoveries Anonymous. While you don’t lose everything in a bankruptcy, you could potentially lose your home (or at least a significant portion of the equity), your vehicles, and other possessions, depending on the Province in which you reside. When you file bankruptcy, you agree to give up the majority of your assets to a trustee assigned to your case, who is turn sells them to settle your gambling debts

Lead Weights in Sports Racing

So it is key to understand how the race track will change.

Lead Weights for handicapping horse races

Lead weights are used to handicap horse races, to make the race more competitive.

Author’s Bio: . Lead weights need to be carefully placed in several parts of the chassis for example:

o Rear placed weights are important for traction; the amount of weight is determined by the race track conditions. The more weight the more of both are needed.

A well constructed race car will need to add weight to meet the rules, but the placement of the added weight can make a significant difference to how the car performs on the track. As a result, in 1855 the weight for age scale was introduced by the then steward of the Jockey Club, Henry John Rous.

Nuclead can supply lead weights for all applications. Lead weights have a myriad number of uses in all industry and human activity. High traction race-tracks will obviously need less weight at the rear, but the track conditions will vary on several factors including the weather, and time into the race. Horses are fully mature by the age of three, without the impost a mature horse will always win a race with a younger horse, especially over a longer course. Depending on the length of the race and track conditions decisions need to be made regarding the percentage of weight at the rear. As the race progresses the car will burn fuel so will become lighter. In horse racing the lead weights are used to ensure a more completive leas predictable race, while in car racing the added lead weight is used fine tune the performance of the car to increase an individual’s chance of winning.

Nuclead has available lead weights for all applications, up to 40,000 lbs in many configurations.

Lead weights for racing car traction and handling

In racing cars lead weights are used to help control the cars traction and handling. Under the weight for age scale the amount of lead weight the horse carries is determine by the horse’s age, its sex, the race distance and the month.

As a result of the handicapping, races become much less predicable and much more interesting. In sports, lead weights are used most often horse racing and car racing.

While the object of any race is to win, lead weights are used to different purpose in horse racing and car racing. It is important to be able to predict how the race track will change over the race and adjust the lead weight accordingly.

o Front placed lead weights are important for steering and handling. This lead weight is called the “impost” and is assigned by the racing authorities based on several factors.

The most important factor that that determines the amount of lead weight added to the saddle bag is the maturity of the horse. Nuclead offers lead weights for sprts racing, x-ray rooms, lead flashing, lead bricks, lead alloy pours & sheets, lead based alloys, lead bar stock, lead bullets, extrusions, lead weights, ingots & other lead products.

In addition to the weight of the jockey and the saddle, the horse carries a defined amount of lead weights in the saddle bags.

Lead is a dense a relatively inexpensive metal. If there rear weight is high then the handling will improve as the race goes on but the car will not be as fast in the early laps due to the increased weight. While the rules require cars meet a minimum weight to be allowed to race, this is actually a secondary factor in most cases.

In order for the racing to move, the engine needs to produce enough power and the tires have to generate enough traction. As the car drives into the corners, the weight will tend to transfer onto the outer tires having weight on the sides of the car will tend to keep traction on the inside wheels.

One other weight factor that needs to be considered is fuel weight. Betting can take place based on how well the horse is performing, and factors such as the horses “pace” (defined as how the horse runs a race front runner, closer etc.), how well the horse looks in the paddock and the skill of the jockey. Weights are typically placed higher than rear weights in order to increase front roll and subsequently front tire traction.

o Side weight is important for handling in the corners. The handicappers can add additional interest by setting up races between horses with similar paces styles.


Lead weight plays an important part in many sports races, but not always for the same reasons.

The most important factor in the popularity of horse racing (the sport of kings), is the betting on the result. However, predicting a winner of a race is relatively easy based on the maturity of the horse and its past performance, so in order maintain a competitive betting experience many horse races are handicapped

How to Detect Fake Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones

Do you notice the difference the way I do? If so, you can weed out 90 percent of fakes.

Why Some Real Dr. Dre Packaging Have Darker Faces

Some Dr. Some might call me a show-off, but that is only because they’ve got no style and definitely no Dr. Counterfeiters are too dumb to purchase the plastic wrapping and wrap the boxes up. The image in which his neck is showing in the real one. Dre Studio headphones.

How to Spot Fake Beats (No, It’s Not the Packaging)

If you shop for Beats on eBay, always check for signs of Triple A (AAA) Batteries from Duracell. Be on alert and always ask to open the box to make sure the batteries are wrapped. If they cannot verify, then you have a fake.

The best thing about Beats is their appeal to younger crowds. The weakest point about Beats are their vocals: Mid- and high-range vocals are overshadowed by the bass, but fortunately vocals can be boosted using an iPod (under Settings) or in any similar device. Dre boxes with gray lettering: If you buy them from an official seller, then they are real. Dre Pro headphones are designed for better thumping bass and stronger vocals. I love wearing them in public and displaying my headphones to the ladies. This is because counterfeiters don’t have access to high-end printers. If you are smart and observant, it’s possible to find some real bargains.

The differences between real boxes and fake ones include:

Take a quick glance. Dre Studio headphones shown above, as there are lots of fakes on eBay!

Real Dr. Dre Studio

Announcement: Dr. However, if someone smart enough buys a counterfeit item and wraps it, then this is what to look for:

Text Color

The fake is missing the TM logo below “by dr. Counterfeiters are famous for selling dented products, because their shipping provider (EMS) actually sucks!

Dr. Dre Studio boxes were sold on eBay using original photos taken from Monster Cable, so be careful.

Only buy from eBay sellers with proof that they own a real pair of Dr. Call the manufacturer to verify your code. Monster is using gray lettering on its packaging. Dr. Your only protection is to never trust unauthorized dealers and be on your guard at all times.

It is also true that anybody can place Duracell batteries into a fake pair of Beats. Counterfeits have perfected sealing their packaging to make it look like it came from a factory. Dre Studios. Dre Studios

If there is no plastic wrapping on the touring case (that black case that contains the headphones), then it is fake. They create different boxes for different regions. Dre Studio before I launch into my advice about how to spot authentic ones. Beats have accurate mid- and high-ranges and a lot less distortion than most medium- to low-end headphones. Look for the batteries and check the box in detail.

Another Way to Be Sure Headphones Are Not Fake

We all want to be able to look at a box and say “Okay, I am 100% certain this box is real, not fake.” We know that the front covers are almost identical, except for the lighting on the headphones. The lighting on the real cover has a natural half-black, half-grayish tint to it, while the fake has more “pitch black” lighting. There have been reports that some counterfeiters can bypass the code, making it possible for fakes to be verified. But if you are on a tight budget, I recommend you get the Dr. This is an indication of foul play. dre” text, while the fake box has gray “by dr. The most important thing to look for is that the Duracell batteries come wrapped in plastic casing. It is a sin to sell fakes, but you can thank Duracell for trying to help you.

Biggest Differences

In general, it is safer to buy Dr. You will definitely enjoy Dr. The most accurate way to detect counterfeits is the warranty code inside of the headphones’ battery cover. The bright one is the real one, and the darker one is fake. Dre headphones on Amazon.

Counterfeiters cannot exactly duplicate the image of Dr. Dre Studio. The first generation box has no TM symbol and the image of Dr. Dre’s face is darker and shows no neck.

Final Red Flags of Fake Dr. So, check the battery cover and you’ll know the truth about your headphone’s authenticity. Dre Pro versus Dr. If the retailer says their Beats come loaded with a different brand of batteries, stay away.

Obviously, when buying from streets vendors, Craigslist, or the eBay classifieds (Kijiji), be aware that it is easy to be scammed. Be careful. It is very hard to print with the correct contrast.

Dr. Dre Studio headphones are packaged with an airplane adapter that is in a small, clear, plastic ziplock pouch with no red line.

Counterfeiters are smart. Dre packaging actually uses the darker face image. Dre on Beats packaging. Customs will not allow foreign counterfeiters to ship Beats loaded with Duracell batteries. Most Beats fans like this style anyway. Dre Pro more than Dr. dre” and beside right side “studio” located at bottom left.

The metal plate with the B logo is not shiny on the real one, while the fake model’s logo looks shiny.

The fake has darker blacks and whiter whites.

The real box has nicer, natural lighting.

These headphones are for hip hop and rap fans who like thumping bass and loud music. Look at the face first. The black are my favorite. Also, notice the dents on the fake. Always ask the seller if there are Duracell batteries and if they are completely wrapped.

The price for these headphones can be awfully high (around $300). Dre Studios: An eBay Buying Guide

Counterfeiters on eBay are crying because I am telling you this. If you buy an old fake, they will still have many of the characteristics described above, including darker faces and color distortion on the box.

I would like to provide a short review about Beats headphones by Dr.

The real box has white “by dr. It is like having a mini sub-woofer in your headphones.

Don’t be one of those wannabe detectives and look all over the box for little mistakes. dre.”

The real box has white MONSTER logo, while the fake box has a gray MONSTER logo.

The real box has white wording under Studio, while the fake’s is written in gray.

. They can be purchased at any local store, however. The darker image may be nicer looking, but it is not authentic.

Heads up for those who notice real Dr

“How to Choose the Right Sportsbook!”

Sometimes this means added solidity.

What are the deposit and withdrawal options and the associated charges. Therefore you should think of the sportsbook you are considering as a bank – a place that you intend to keep funds long term.

So what do you look for:

Not all the above are critical – but help towards finding a secure book.

So you have decided to start betting online – or maybe you just want to find a new trustworthy sportsbook – what do you need to look out for?

I would say that US bettors are at most risk since they are generally forced to bet at offshore sportsbooks due to legality issues. These vary quite a bit from book to book. The offshore books with whom I work are top grade but it is in the offshore environment that problems occasionally occur.

Well I am in a position to speak from some experience – I did at one time hold accounts with about sixty bookmakers in Europe, UK, Australia and offshore – the latter catering mainly to the US market. Often these website owners know nothing about betting, do not hold accounts with the sportsbooks they are advertising and have not researched the companies they are involved with.

<< Back to “Recreation And Sports” Index

The UK has a number of established books including William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, and Victor Chandler. I have had at least three online sportsbooks go broke on me – luckily my losses were kept to a few thousand dollars – that may sound a lot but it could have been a lot worse.

You are keeping your money in an account online. It is, therefore, critical that those US customers put in the research before signing up.

This article was posted on October 22, 2004

Read press articles as opposed to reviews – reviews are usually written by the sportsbook’s marketing team.

Test run the software by joining and playing for free – most sportsbooks offer this facility.

Find out if your funds are insured or separated in ESCROW accounts so that if the sportsbook company goes under – your funds are still safe.

Find out if the sportsbook is independently audited.

How long has the operation been online – three to four years is usually a good marker as a minimum.

Test out the customer services to see if they meet your standards or the standards they promise you.

If you know about betting already, then check some of their odds and lines – are they in keeping with what you would expect? Some less scrupulous sportsbooks offer very attractive prices to lure unsuspecting bettors. But ask yourself ; “how easy is it to get access to my money and how much does it cost?”

It is not that easy finding a reputable sportsbook – partly because the web is populated by website owners who will sing the praises of a sportsbook or casino simply because they earn revenue from signing up customers via an affiliate program.

Find out if the sportsbook is part of a larger group of companies. I also like SportingBet (www.SBSportsbook.com) who take US customers and cater for global sports.

Happy betting!

“How to Choose the Right Sportsbook!”

 by: Daniel B. King

If you have already have an account with a sportsbook watch out for lapses in customer service and slowness of payment – these can be signs that the company could be in trouble. . Options should be available that are ‘free’ or where the sportsbook absorbs the charges

All About Horse Racing

This entity was

further upgraded to The Bureau of Regularity American Thoroughbreds.

In 20th century, after the reformers demanded to

outlaw betting and bookmaking in different states, Florida and California

became an industry with horse races scheduled to year length activity.

In the United States, first race course was built in North

American Long Island. Reforms and patronization was brought to horse riding by King

Charles II.

As the interest of people in horses grew in 19th

century, a joint club called, ‘The Jockey Club’ evolved, which was an American

organization resembling The British Jockey Club. An Arab horse was imported to

England by king Henry 1, which was mated to get Anglo Arab breeds of horses.

In 1942, with the objective of encouraging ethical horse

racing, Thoroughbred Racing Association of the U.S was formed. This club served as a regulatory

authority, which ensured breeding maintenance and racing. So, it remained less popular till the fall

of Rome in 5th century A.D..

In the 6th century, Middle East Arab Horses were

introduced by Muslims. This sport is famous around the world including Canada, South

Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

Racecourse of Roman times was constructed at London in 1174,

where saddle racing became famous. Pennsylvania

Virginia and Maryland became the house of horse racing in U.S.

From first millennium B.C., the chariot races were known and

spread. Its headquarters

is in New York. Descendants of Darley Arabian were brought to Virginia. This sport started flourishing in ancient Greek; however, in roman

times, it was not that emphasized. These horses were swift with racial superiority. These races were normally up to the distance

of 4 miles. This

breed was unknown to the Europeans till now

List of Exotic Pets – InfoBarrel

And they are not really house-trainable, though they’ll sometimes have a designated bathroom area. 

Fennec foxes are small, only between 2-4 pounds. If that matches your lifestyle, the kinkajou might be a match for you.

Fennec FoxList Of Exotic Animals

I’ve placed Servals at the top of my list of exotic pets for a reason: they’re probably one of the most easily domesticated breeds out there. 

KinkajouList of Exotic Pets. Any damage that a cat normally does, a serval cat does twice as much. 

I hope my list of exotic pets has helped. An enclosure is a necessity: imagine what your neighbours might do if a 35 pound spotted cat wanders into their backyard.

A serval cat is an interesting breed of wild cat, still found wild in the African savannah. This list of exotic animals isn’t exclusive, just my favorite ones.

Serval CatList of Exotic Animals as Pets

Kinkajous sort of resemble monkeys, but they are actually related to racoons. They are becoming popular pets due to their relative lack of odor and pleasant, curious manner.

Fennec foxes can be pretty loud, and their energy can be a bit much for some people. However, exotic animals come packed with surprises. They can also eat dried monkey chow. They have extremely large ears used for hear dissipation, and they will purr much like a cat. You need to be prepared for the extra work. They can be messy with their food, so be ready to do some cleanup after  them. Their diet is mostly fruit, including banana, mango, kiwi and figs. Not only do they have lovely personalities, they are one of the most common exotic pets for sale, so they’re less pricey and easier to track down. 

Good Luck!

Kinkajous have a few downsides. Do your research, check out the pros and the cons, and remember that an exotic pet is a big responsibility.

Next in the list of exotic animals is the Kinkajou. Why not? They’re unique, they display qualities you won’t find in more common pet species, and they’ll wow your friends. They can be pretty noisy, and make sounds such as barks, whistles and chirps. They will get along with dogs or cats if properly introduced, and with their high energy level, a playmate is a good idea.

How to Choose From This List Of Exotic AnimalsServal Cat, Kinkajou, Fennec Fox

There are so many other exotic pet options out there, I’m going to have to write a part 2! In my opinion these three are the best options for new exotic pet owners, but there are tons of alternatives out there. 

Servals are also prone to spraying to mark their territory, but they aren’t as vocal as house cats, chirping instead of meowing. 

If you’re a fan of smaller dogs but want something a little different, you’ll like the next on our list of exotic animals. They are extremely high energy and love to play: think of a cat on steroids and Red Bull! Their reflexes are very quick, much faster than a domestic house cat. They also have very little odor, and fennec foxes are litter trainable, so they’re cleaner than a dog.

My Pet is Cooler Than Your Pet…List Of Exotic Pets To Consider

I’ve always been attracted to exotic pets. They are larger than the typical house cat (around 25 to 35 pounds), and they’re very distinctively marked: they look like little leopards.

Kinkajous are nocturnal and they’ll be most active and playful right before you go to bed. All of these animals are going to be a little more expensive and high maintenance than an conventional one. As weird pets go, they don’t have too many downsides. They need a large cage, about 4 x 6 x 8 feet in dimension, and you need to provide them with lots of stuff to climb on: branches, swings and ropes. 

Serval cats should have an outdoor enclosure so they can spend some quality time outdoors, as they need plenty of exercise and love to climb things. A kinkajou (or honey bear) is a nocturnal animal with a prehensile tail that lives in trees in the wild. A fennec fox is a good option to consider. They’re very friendly, energetic and curious animals. They haven’t been domesticated nearly as long, and lots of their wild habits are still there.

I’m going to go through a list of exotic pets that are your best bets

Casino-Gaming :: Sports Betting Using Offshore Sportsbooks

In addition, make

sure that it is a quality sportsbook that is secure.

If you don’t know which sportsbooks are quality, well run businesses, visit a few gambling

websites. In addition, the fact that you

can wager, 24/7, from anywhere in the world online or over the phone gives the offshore

sportsbooks a big advantage over the walk in environment. Still, the customer is still king, and successful offshore

betting sites recognize this. The offshore sportsbooks make

the wagering experience more convenient and pleasurable because of the instant access

along with a much larger betting menu and high wagering limits. Remember,

the point of gambling on sports is to have fun. However, make sure that the offshore sportsbook does accept US players. Nothing beats the thrill of betting in a Las Vegas sportsbook, but offshore betting is an easy

alternative for many Americans that like to wager but don’t necessarily have the resources to

travel to Nevada every weekend. I do know that on my website, I offer a sportsbooks section which lists some of the

superior offshore sports betting books that I personally bet at daily.

Most of the offshore betting parlors offer 1 free payout a month. In addition, the 2

sportsbooks that I use offer fast payouts and have great customer service.

After you have found the book that suits your betting needs, you are going to need to sign up

for an account. And offshore sportsbooks offer the sports

bettor a complete playing and entertainment experience.

Leave it to good old-fashioned competition to improve the betting industry. After you have registered for an account, you are going to need to deposit

funds into the offshore betting account. Bet offshore and make

a wider variety of picks at anytime of day from the comforts of your La-Z-Boy. With more

offshore betting sites being established, customers are winning with nice bonuses and freebies

as companies duke it out to win new business. The positives of offshore betting are hard to

ignore, whether via Internet or telephone. I suggest that the offshore betting online portal only promotes 3 or 4 of

the best and most secure offshore sportsbooks that accept US players. The offshore sportsbooks make the wagering experience

more convenient and pleasurable because of the instant access along with a much larger

betting menu and high wagering limits. Betting offshore from home also allows the bettor to shop

around for the best lines, which encourages bettors to have accounts at different sportsbooks.

Bonuses as well as seasonal promotions and a variety of wager limits are all advantages

to playing with an offshore sportsbook rather than a land-based sportsbook. Offshore betting

is proving to be a safe, secure, customer-friendly, billion-dollar industry, complete with

sportsbooks and online casinos. Instead of piling the

kids into the minivan for a road trip to Las Vegas, consider the offshore sportsbooks for

convenient, hassle-free betting from the comfort of your home computer. I personally bet at

only 2 sportsbooks daily since I find the odds given are very competitive. In addition, I recommend to record all your offshore

betting transactions in a log to track performance, betting trends, and any information you may

need to look back on someday.

Every year, more and more serious bettors flock to Internet sportsbooks like 5Dimes Sportsbook,

BetUS, and BookMaker Sportsbook. With more

offshore betting sites being established, customers are winning with nice bonuses and

freebies as companies duke it out to win new business. Fortunately there is a lot of easy information to be found on just about

every sportsbook on the Internet.

Betting offshore from home also allows the sports bettor to shop around for the best lines,

which encourages bettors to have accounts at different sportsbooks. You will find that offshore betting is an easy alternative

for Americans that like to wager but do not necessarily have the resources to travel to Nevada

every weekend. . If you don’t know which books are quality,

well run businesses, locate a gambling website which lists some of the superior offshore

sports betting books

Horse Racing Videos – The Greatest Horse Races of All Time

The embedded video below is just the finish of the race; the full race can be seen at this link.

1996 Jockey Club Gold Cup – Skip Away vs. Easy Goer

It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic race than this. Cigar may have been just a trifle past his sell-by date after a long campaign that year, but he still gave Skip Away all he could handle. Did Pat Day move prematurly and comprimise Easy Goer’s chances? Judge for yourself.

1988 Breeders Cup Distaff – Personal Ensign vs. Winning Colors

The undefeated Personal Ensign in her last career race runs up against the former Derby winning filly, a revivified Winning Colors. Alydar

In the culmination of their great Triple Crown battle, the two greats battle neck and neck around the track, with the game and gutsy Affirmed prevailing by a head. This is a selection of my choices for the greatest races since 1973, pulled from the great treasure trove of horse racing videos on Youtube. Easy Goer

Who was better, Easy Goer or Sunday Silence? This epic race may have finally answered the question, with former champion Blushing John tossed into the mix for good measure.

1989 Preakness – Sunday Silence vs. Preakness winner Louis Quatorze and Belmont winner Editor’s Note completed the field.

1989 Breeders Cup Classic – Sunday Silence vs.  Keep an eye on Touch Gold, who stumbled at the break, but may have run the best race of all.

1978 Belmont Stakes – Affirmed vs. Fighting a quarter crack, he may not have been at his physical best here, but his heart was never in doubt.

1973 Belmont Stakes – Secretariat Wins Triple Crown

How could I start with anything else? I still get chills from watching this race, in which the great Secretariat not only sealed the Triple Crown, but shattered the record for 12 furlongs on the dirt. A desperate finish ensues.

. From then on, I was hooked on the sport of kings. AlyshebaThe two Derby winners hook up in a classic of Classics. East coast stalwart Easy Goer was out to avenge his Derby loss to California-based Sunday Silence. Tom Dirkin’s “Tiznow wins it for America”, may seem a bit over the top in retrospect, but at the time it had a real resonance. 1997 Preakness Stakes – Silver Charm et al.

Silver Charm, Captain Bodgit, Free House, and Touch Gold, all amazing horses in their own right, battle it out in one of the best Triple Crown Races ever. Cigar

Two of the greats of the 90’s hook up in the Jockey Club at Belmont. Even though I know who wins, I still found myself leaning in my chair as the two crossed the line together.

1981 Arlington Million – John Henry

The great John Henry made the inaugural running of the Arlington Million a memorable one. Sakhee

Taking place just a month after the tragedy of 9/11, this Classic matched defending champion Tiznow against the Arc de Triomphe winner, Dubai-owned Sakhee. Sadly, he never lived up the the hype thereafter, but this amazing race was the real deal.

1996 Dubai World Cup Classic – Cigar

The mighty Cigar was going for his fourteenth straight win in the first Dubai World Cup. But of course John Henry, one of the smartest horses as well as one of the best, did have a habit of doing that.

2001 Breeders Cup Classic – Tiznow vs. You have to pity The Bart, who looked a winner all the way round only to get out-bobbed at the wire. Feel free to add your choices for the best races in the comments section below.

1991 Breeders Cup Juvenile – Arazi

The European superhorse Arazi stunned the world with his electrifying move to the front, passing horses like they were standing still. Note how Alydar fails to switch leads in the stretch, a flaw which may have kept him from besting his rival.

What are the greatest horse races of all time? I can’t claim to have seen them all, since my horse racing consciousness only starts with Secretariat’s amazing Belmont Stakes win in 1973, which I watched with awe at home with my family crowded around the TV set. Chic Anderson’s superb race call complements the greatest race ever.

1987 Breeders Cup Classic – Ferdinand vs

Top 10 Best Sports Anime

1. With his new team, he is hoping to get a win over his rivals.

3. His goal is to become the ace someday and to prove his worth for the team (Seidou High)

Kuroko repeatedly stated in the series that his playing style can be closely compared to a shadow which means he needs a huge source of light. I did not have much knowledge about baseball prior to watching this anime, but after watching until its current season, had learned a lot about the sport.

4. The good thing about this anime just like Yowamushi Pedal is that the characters are no superheroes and have no extreme capabilities. To the surprise of his former teammates, Kuroko enrolled in a newly established school named Seirin High. They simply persevere and work hard to be at their best and win. This cycling anime certainly had my attention and interest from the start. Most of us focus on shooting, dribbling, and dunking in this sport but he preferred to be an expert in passing. Sawamura is a pitcher, but he is not the ace of their team. Yowamushi Pedal

At first glance, one would think that an anime about cycling would be boring, but glad to say that many of the people who thinks this way are wrong. The star on this anime series is Sakamichi Onoda. Ace of Diamond/ Diamond no Ace

2. Kuroko is eager to defeat his former teammate’s respective teams and prove that basketball is not a game that can be won solely by individual talents.

This anime is popular for its originality since it focuses on swimming. I think that main reason why this is getting popular are the characters of the anime.

How did i forgot about this anime? I was already done editing this hub when I suddenly remembered about this anime. Haikyuu

You’ll definitely like the episodes with baseball matches since its just awesome. Many are already getting hooked with the 2nd season. He continues to develop his natural ability in cycling due to the help of his friends/teammates. Maybe it’s because I also have a deep fashion for the sport. It made me want to be a pitcher. Since its my favorite among these 3 anime series, I included a video of it below.. Many also commend it for great quality graphics. The main character is Haruka Nanase who is of course a very good and talented swimmer. One of Kuroko’s previous teammate taunted him to leave his team and joined theirs but he was disappointed. His exceptional ability made him worthy of being the phantom 6th man of the team of Japan’s prodigy players during his junior high years. Good thing Taiga Kagami, an energetic forward who aspires to be the best in Japan joined the team alongside with Kuroko. My favorite character, Sawamura, Eijun would certainly make you laugh in most of the episodes. They may often argue on various matters but in the court, their teamwork is a thing of beauty making them an unstoppable duo.

This sport anime is cool. The scenes on the anime are intense especially when its main characters are involved like Shouyou Hinata. The school’s basketball team is not weak yet they lack experience. FREE

Tetsuya Kuroko plays basketball like no other